Recent Sermons

Sermon Title Speaker Date Audio Video
It Is Required Jeff Redlin 01/13/2019
Extensions of God's Grace Jeff Redlin 01/13/2019
Early Seek the Lord Jeff Redlin 01/09/2019
Let's Get Down to Business Jeff Redlin 01/06/2019
His Rightful Place Jeff Redlin 01/06/2019
One Needful Thing Dale Adkins 01/02/2019
Two Principles About Memorials Chuck Gourley 12/30/2018
Four Reservoirs of Spiritual Potential Joshua Burdick 12/30/2018
The Good News Joshua Burdick 12/23/2018
Names and Needs Tim Zacharias 12/23/2018
How Should We Praise? Jason Young 12/19/2018
Where is He? Jeff Redlin 12/16/2018
Comfort and Joy Jeff Redlin 12/09/2018
The Eyes of Jesus Jeff Redlin 12/09/2018
It Is Finished Jeff Redlin 12/02/2018
Obligation to Joy Jeff Redlin 12/02/2018
Spiritual Nutrition Tim Zacharias 11/28/2018
"Dog ‐ Like" Faith Jeff Redlin 11/25/2018
A Question from Habakkuk Jeff Redlin 11/25/2018